Which show did you get your procard?

2016 NPC USA'S Championships.

How did you get into competing?

I contemplated competing after my first appointment with my chiropractor. She was beautiful, muscular and feminine so I asked her the common question of, “did she workout”. She proceeded to tell me about her competing in the NPC and advised me to get with my trainer who, at the time, was also an NPC competitor. I consulted with that trainer and came up with a road map to get me on stage. I was able to step on stage at approximately 8 months later!

Give an overview of your fitness journey to winning your Pro Card.

My first show was in 2014, the Colorado Southern, where I placed 1st in Figure Novice and 2nd in Figure Open. Later that year I competed in the Colorado Natural (National Qualifier), placing 2nd in figure masters and 2nd in figure open. In 2015, I competed in the Tokyo Joe's Colorado State (National Qualifier) and competed crossover in women's physique and figure. I placed 3rd in women's physique open and 1st in figure masters, 1st in figure open and figure overall! In 2016, I competed in my first national show at the NPC USA'S and won my class earning my procard!

What do you attribute to your success?

I attribute working hard, dedication, drive and sacrifice to my success. The advice I would give to anyone who is contemplating competing is to stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize (meaning walking on stage), and to let them know that it is not an easy road. However, once you put in the work and stick to the plan, you WILL see results.

What advice would you give someone who is contemplating competing?

Everyone's reason for stepping on stage can differ so you should know what it is you hope to accomplish. I will also advise them to stay humble, have fun and to remember you/they should be competing with the person in the mirror. They should be making gains every week if they give it their all!

Where can people find you?

Facebook:Karen Hodge-Spivey
Instagram: @karen_joys_physique