Which show did you get your procard?

NPC Teen, Collegiate and Masters National Championships

How did you get into competing?

I have always enjoyed training and lifting, but had never given any thought to competing. I was approached by the old owner (and friend) of Max Muscle Parker, who asked if I had ever considered it. At the time I really didn’t know anything about it. I decided to go check out a show to see what it was all about. After watching the 2011 Colorado State – I was hooked!

Give an overview of your fitness journey to winning your Pro Card.

My first show was the Rocky Mountain in 2011 where I competed in Figure. I took third in my two classes. I competed in two other shows after that – placing third as well. I enjoyed the training and dieting – but did not think that Figure was for me, so decided I would be done. Until…. Women’s physique came along! I did my first WP show in 2012 which was the Rocky Mountain. I placed first in Masters and 5th in Open. I really enjoyed this division and wanted to continue – and knew it was time to get a coach. I jumped on board with Shane Heugly – who led me to win all my classes and the overall at the 2013 Rocky. From there – we headed to Chicago the following June (2014) where I placed third in my first National Show. I competed in Chicago and Pittsburgh in 2015 – but my placings were not in the top 5. I had neck surgery in 2015 – and knew I wanted to compete again, but knew that I would need a coach who was in town and could be hands on with my training after my surgery. I began training with Dylan Armbrust in January of 2016 – and with his expertise and phenomenal coaching – won my ProCard in all my classes in Pittsburgh at Masters Nationals.

What do you attribute to your success?

Determination, discipline, drive and the sense of accomplishment! I have been fortunate to have a strong support system of friends, family and coaches. There are always times you are tired, hungry and sore – and just want to throw in the towel, but those who know how hard you work and how far you have come – remind you of that – and you keep going! My husband has been a rock and a huge supporter – I will never forget watching him jumping up and down – screaming in the audience when I won my ProCard. My son has been a big supporter as well. I was going back and forth with doing the 2013 Rocky – and he said to me “I’d like to see you do one more show before I head off to the Marine Corps” – so maybe I should thank him for convincing me to keep going ;) And of course Dylan.. he would not let me slack on my training, cheat on my eating – or not go to posing class…he kept me motivated and kept me focused on the end goal!

What advice would you give someone who is contemplating competing?

If you love what you do – you will do well at it – but only if you are doing it for yourself! . Don’t give up – keep pushing, grinding and see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Where can people find you?

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