Which show did you get your procard?

North American Championships in Pittsburg

How did you get into competing?

I was actually into crossfit first, gasp! I know. I started worrying I’d get hurt being competitive. About that time, some friends invited us to go to the Olympia with them. This was my first show ever. I was hooked!!! Soon as I got home I started training for my first show, 2013 Colorado Northern. I placed 4th in that show in Novice Figure and I only wanted to be better from there.

Give an overview of your fitness journey to winning your Pro Card.

In 2013, I did the Colorado State show where I won my Novice class. 2014 I crossed over at the Warrior into the physique division. I won my Physique as well as Figure class. What a dilemma, lol! I started right away thinking of 2015 and a national show. I decided to do the Colorado State show and the Masters Nationals. The Colorado State show was a huge success. I won the title of Miss Colorado Physique. I also won first place in Figure and Figure Masters. Again a dilemma. So I decided to crossover at Masters Nationals. I ended up placing 5th in Physique. This year I took a shot at Jr. Nationals, where I also placed 5th in Physique. So I trained my ass off for North Americans where I got my Pro Card. That was the most competitive show I’ve ever competed in. That brings me to today, where I’m working on the best off season package I’ve ever had in hopes of bringing an incredible pro debut package.

What do you attribute to your success?

I definitely give my husband/coach credit for my success. He gives me a blueprint then helps me do everything in our power to be successful.

What advice would you give someone who is contemplating competing?

I tell anyone that wants to compete, do it!! It’s not easy, it’s not cheap, but it is so worth it. You will learn so much about yourself!!

Where can people find you?

Connect with me on:
Facebook: Sarah Kornhauser
Instagram: @sarahkorny