IFBB Pro Spotlight

Christine Cecilione

Having always been involved in some type of sport or athletic event, and I started to long for a challenge. That challenge and athletic camaraderie was missing in my adult life. In search to fill this void, bodybuilding/competing entered my life and I never looked back....Read more

Sarah Kornhauser

I was actually into crossfit first, gasp! I know. I started worrying I’d get hurt being competitive. About that time, some friends invited us to go to the Olympia with them. This was my first show ever. I was hooked!!! Soon as I got home I started training for my first show, 2013 Colorado Northern. I placed 4th in that show in Novice Figure and I only wanted to be better from there. ....Read more

Rene Brosch

In 2014 I decided to try something new. I had a background in gymnastics so I began looking into the fitness division. I found Eileen Wells on Facebook and noticed she had a free fitness class on Sunday’s at a Parkour Gym. I thought….. well maybe I would just go once or twice and see if I could still do a back handspring. Eileen began working with me on mandatory fitness skills and convinced me to switch to Fitness. ....Read more

Ashley Jenelle

I decided to finally compete in my first show at the age of 30 after thinking about it for years. It was on my bucket list and my "30 things to do when I turn 30" list so there was no stopping me. Even with a move from Texas to Colorado, ....Read more

Lana Spratte

I have always enjoyed training and lifting, but had never given any thought to competing. I was approached by the old owner (and friend) of Max Muscle Parker, who asked if I had ever considered it. ....Read more

Karen Spivey

I contemplated competing after my first appointment with my chiropractor. She was beautiful, muscular and feminine so I asked her the common question of, “did she workout”. ....Read more

Featured Articles

Kristen Hopkins is the Footless Goddess

On May 4, 2014, Kristin was found in her car, about 140 feet from U.S. 285 just north of FairPlay. Her car had driven off the road and gone airborne for 120 feet off the highway before rolling another 200 feet. It landed on its roof and was pinned against trees, not visible from the highway. She had been trapped in her car for 6 days....Read more

Eileen Wells

Eileen Wells is Forever Fitness

One year after winning her Pro Card, Fitness Competitor Eileen Wells could no longer ignore the pain that her body was going through. She finally went to the doctor and found out she had herniated discs in several places of her back. “To go from working out every day… to not being able to go up and down stairs, it damages you mentally.” Read more

Branding Part 1

Many of you started your fitness journey knowing you are about to overcome some insurmountable task or perhaps you’re already closer to your goal reaping some forms of success. The journey is long, difficult, uncomfortable, but elation sets in as the results slowly manifest themselves...Read more

Branding Part 2

Now that you have created your Brand Statement and figured out who you are, you can explore what unique value or promise you have to offer. What is the one thing that you have that no one else does? And even if they create and follow your business plan, they will still never have this...Read more

April Bateman - Off Roading

As a single mother of two active young boys and a full time career woman, April manages to juggle her life with her passion for competing in bodybuilding and in going “Jeeping". In fact, her passion for lifting was what empowered her to pursue her off-roading passion. Below she explains....Read more

Powerlifting Empowers Women

Sharon Prager is a woman involved in all things strong. She is currently an active NPC Judge, Trainer, Powerlifting Competitor and Colorado State Powerlifting Chairwoman of the Natural Athlete Strength Association (NASA). She got hooked on bodybuilding when she first started competing in the eighties...Read more.

Training Tip from Ariel Hollibaugh IFBB Pro

The quick rundown on Ariel is she started her fitness journey in 2012. In the past she felt uncomfortable with her body and knew that a life of drinking and partying was not the answer. She recalls, “I was tall and gangly. I wanted to know how to eat right and exercise. I remember seeing Rachel Gilmore online and I wanted to look like her. For the first time in my life there was a picture of someone that I could point to and say, 'I want to look like that'.” ....Read more

Finding Your Strength By Taking Control - Advice from MMA Pro Grace Cleveland

When I was 17 years old I saw some sort of mix martial art fights live on television and I was automatically drawn to it. Then I saw Michelle Waterson who is now a UFC fighter on this old show called "Bully Beat Down". I saw her and thought to myself, "if she can do it I can also.” After realizing that women could compete in this sport, I decided to take action....Read more

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